Present Over Perfect

I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling a little flustered. I had a few important calls to make before the fun could begin for the afternoon I had planned for Owen and I. I needed a day off. And by day off, I mean that I needed to completely unplug. Apparently on most of my days off, I’ll find myself feeling ‘bored’ at some point and sit back down at my desk. There were a couple small moments when I felt reminded that morning, almost like a tap on the shoulder to help me snap out of it. I needed to keep reminding myself to relax and stop worrying constantly about what’s supposed to or going to happen in the future, but to just concentrate and enjoy more of the NOW. More of today and right in this moment. I have a small problem with over thinking sometimes, and I get overwhelmed quickly from it. I know I can’t be the only one, right? I always want to do more, be more and give more than I actually can in the 24 hours we are given in one day and that is just so frustrating to me. I had picked up this book the day before and right when I happened to be in deep thought about something, my eyes scanned this sitting on the table. I took it as a sign that morning.

As I’ve seen, many of you went and saw Paw Patrol LIVE with your littles, wasn’t it fun? Like, seriously. I loved it. But that’s just coming from me, and that’s literally what my mama life revolves around here in this house, haha. I was that mom singing every song and dancing a little more than my child. Because let’s face it, when you hear it on repeat all day, every day…You are nothing less than a #1 fan. The both of us needed this day after a long two weeks before of busy schedules and the plague hitting hard.

This however, wasn’t just ‘a show’ for us. This was a dream come true for my boy. If I imagined what his bucket list (at his age right now) would include, seeing The Paw Patrol pups in person would be the top of his list. It was so magical watching it through his eyes. I’m not going to lie, I cried a little just sitting there watching him. (Now is the time to roll your eyes at the sappy mom)

He’s a super fan of  a lot of characters, but Paw Patrol has never left his side. He has 5 of each pup, (just in case we lose one or two) and he carries them everywhere with him. He lines them up on the counter during meals, in the bathtub, on the coffee table while he watches the show, and on the nightstand while sleeping with a couple. I heard from a friend they were coming, and the show that showed up was out of town and around his birthday, so I planned to take him and make a short trip out of it. Once I heard they were here, I jumped on it. It was closer and sooner!

He just couldn’t get enough. And neither could I.

I also surprised him and got the VIP pass so he could meet and greet the pups after the show. This again, was questionable with his sensory, but I knew I had to at least try and follow through with making this dream the best it could be, whether he would enjoy that part of it or not.

We didn’t take pictures with pups, as they really did take a bit of time to come out and once they did, he just didn’t want to be close to them. During that time, all the lights and kids and activities and colors were just too much for him. He was feeling overstimulated and overwhelmed and honestly, it was a bit much for me too in that little room. He just kept asking “Go home now and cuddle with you?”

After 20 minutes of watching other kids meet and talk to Ryder, Owen would be proud to tell you that he got to give him a high five! What a day to remember. I live for him and for all of these moments. And seriously, parenthood is just so incredibly rewarding. My heart is just so full.

Plan a day, my friend and unplug. COMPLETELY.

“Stop. Rest. Play. Create. Connect. Cultivate silence. And in that silence, you’ll discover the voice of love you’ve been aching to hear.”

You won’t regret it and I promise that life and work will still be waiting for you when you come back. We all need it. And we can’t be our best or do our best without days like this in between, no matter HOW good you are or how hard you work.



Don’t Sweat the Small Things and Appreciate What You Have

Well, yesterday was a day to remember. One that I will never forget. It was a tad stressful, quite unplanned, unorganized and FULL of bliss.

Somewhere in between a couple appointments in the morning, errands in the afternoon, the weather forecast changing, my sister and Nana visiting, realizing that it was Randy’s day off, my only possible day to plan family pictures around my busy season if we want any at all, and Dakota (the oldest brother) coming to spend the night, I thought that it would be a great time to get an updated family picture. I picked up two shirts at Old Navy for the oldest boys which matched off the top of my head what we already had in our closets. We rushed back home from picking the kids up in town from school. The rain was coming and had already started spitting on us as we pulled into the driveway. The kids ran inside with Aunt Haley and Nana and Randy and I drove off again to Owen’s parent teacher conference at school. I nervously kept looking out the window at the weather and kept praying for it to hold of. Just for a few more minutes.

We got home, got the kids dressed and went out to the backyard. Another year that I didn’t even get a ‘picture perfect location’ as I’ve always dreamed of having like I get to give to my clients, because again, I seem to always procrastinate on my own family pictures. Every single year. We stood in a spot where we had a colorful tree and ready to go. My camera was DEAD. Of COURSE my battery would be dead for our own family photos. Why wouldn’t it be? My heart was sad and sank to my stomach and I looked at Randy. Dakota isn’t able to visit us hardly as often as we’d love for him to and he was here with us tonight. We needed these moments all together. Tonight. We haven’t had this in so long…

I looked at my sister, shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

“Get out your phone!”

I didn’t even care. We were all ready and we don’t know when we will have this again anytime soon. With all of us here and with the nice weather especially. She put down the camera, smiled at me and nodded. Nana yelled, “Okay, here we go!” And helped to keep the spirits high, haha.

I had a conversation with someone yesterday who in the conversation had said “…we are not going to sweat the small things.” I didn’t know it at the time but I took that home with me. And right at this moment, it hit me. We are all together, we are all healthy and we have a great life. We may not be in a colorful park full of changing fall trees and my camera may not even be working. But we can make due with what we do have and still enjoy this time together. I’m writing this post to remind you, if you need to hear it.

Do not sweat the small things and appreciate what you have right in front of you. You don’t take a photograph, you make it. And the best kind of camera is the one you have with you.

So here are a few of my favorites. I’m so blessed for this entire session of cell phone images and the whole 20 minutes we spent running around our own backyard.


Dirty Hair Don’t Care

Paisley is seven. She’s so darn hilarious and the kind of girlfriend that everyone needs in their life, I just love her to death. She has those big girl conversations mixed with a little bit of that seven year old’s truthful kind of innocence that my heart just can’t get enough of.


She was in the bathroom with me this weekend where she always comes to watch and chat with me for some extra girl time. I finished my makeup and opened the cabinet to grab out my go-to dry shampoo.

“Is that your hairspray, Shelbs?”

“Nope, it’s my dry shampoo. One day you will love this.” View Post

The First Day to the Rest of Your Life

All aboooard the Hot Mess Express!

Thursday 8.18.16

Dear Owen,
So many tears have fallen and so many smiles have shined through in honor of celebrating this day for you. It’s your first day of Kindergarten, my boy. My eyes are red and puffy and my feelings are overpowering my exhaustion for right now. I didn’t get much sleep last night and have been up since 4am this morning. I didn’t want to go to sleep or get out of bed because I knew that today was the day. And I wanted to hold that moment in just a little bit longer if I could. It’s the day that you are officially my ‘big boy.’ Well, to prove to everyone else you are. You’re not a baby anymore, as much as I still want to explain to you though, how you always (forever and ever) will be… View Post

The Countdown to Kindergarten

The first week is sluggishly passing by. Just being honest, it’s going reallyyyy slow, a little too slow for my liking. And while that is fine with me, it’s still a bit torturous, but it’s almost done. And yes, it’s taken me this long to actually just sit at my desk and write this without needing to stop and feel sad. I still cry at some point every day, and although I know it will go away at some point, just label me as ‘that mom.’ I don’t care. I’ve written in my journal every day, some multiple times a day, so I can remember everything that I’ve felt and everything that has happened. So after we celebrated us both getting through that first day together, I think celebrating getting through the first week will feel more like a victory.

Kindergarten roundup : Tuesday 8.16.16.
Yes, that “K” word. It’s here. It’s time. My boy starts Kindergarten in TWO days. Uggggh.
How am I feeling today you ask? Every emotion in the flippin’ book. I’m sad, anxious, excited for him but I feel like a piece of my heart is leaving me. I’m hopeful. I’m extremely thankful that we chose to keep him back one more year before starting. Everyone’s opinions made either a positive or negative impact but it’s true when they say ‘mom knows best.’ No one knows your child like you do. And seeing now how much he has succeeded, grown and accomplished in that year before sending him off has made it that much more easier to feel confident for him going this year. He’s ready, I’m ready… My heart just isn’t ready. But when will it ever be? View Post

A Fresh Start With An Open Heart

A lot of conversations I’ve had with friends or clients lately have been about that ‘D’ word…


We don’t like to talk about it, or think about it. And we don’t, or should I sadly say most of us don’t, actually ‘plan’ for it to happen. But since it has come up so very often lately in my personal conversations, giving advice, being a listener and being able to relate on certain things and could possibly help a friend make it through, I thought I should write a little bit about it. So my recent friends who need a lift, here’s to you. I’m not here to bash people or put people down in any way, as some people, I know, are just not meant to be together. But unfortunately, it is still a part of life and everyone, going through this or not, could use a positive pick me up, a hug, or some uplifting thoughts for their future during certain situations. If you don’t like the idea of this, please don’t read it. It doesn’t bother me at all that you don’t care, but there are a few main points that have come across in conversations over and over again and having experienced this situation myself, I figured it could just help someone else if they need to hear it. Each relationship is different, so it is very broad, but I am hoping to help a friend or two out there somewhere. View Post

Messes are only memories that will one day be missed

I did a lifestyle session and ended up having lunch after with a client, who has turned into more of a girlfriend, at her house the other week. Her family has always been one of my favorites to watch grow and we’ve become such close friends over time. We talk about all aspects of life and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so hard every time I leave her. We sit for an enjoyable hot minute, you know, having that dream mom to mom adult conversation, but usually after about 10 minutes, we’re standing (and usually yelling our conversations to each other from room to room) while we chase kids around. By the time we get into a strong conversation, it gets interrupted with answering the kids’ questions and we literally never get to finish a conversation. This could go on for a few hours… as we both clean up different messes while the kids are still playing.

For so many of us, there is so much time spent on cleaning up throughout the day, how we feel the need to constantly have a clean house for unexpected guests or to have ready at that very moment when our spouse comes home from work. Oh, how wonderful it feels at the end of the night when everything is put away in it’s ‘spot’ and I can go to bed knowing there is peacefulness until it starts again tomorrow. I think a lot of it for me, has to do with my son getting older now. As hectic as we are as a household still, that baby stage for me, is gone, (and no, I’m not ready to talk about that situation) which has left me with more time to allow ‘OCD’ through the door a little bit more than planned. I mean, I clean up while he’s playing. It’s bad. And then that’s when she said something that hit so close to my heart, because I always thought the same thing as Owen was growing up, and it put my mind at ease a little bit and helped get me back to where I always have been. View Post

See it for what it is…

“See it for what it is, not what you want it to be.”

This quote has gotten me further in life than I’ve expected. It’s just something that is still always on my mind and always has been. It has to do with what I’ve pictured my life to be like since I was a little girl, and what my life actually just is. You know, that thing that they call the “5 year plan?” If there is even such a thing, I have yet to believe it.
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“She’s not my mom…”

I took Paisley a while back to get her nails done on one of our usual ‘girls days’ that we have together. The lady smiled at us sitting in our manicure chairs and said, “Oh, lovely fingernails! Do you like to get your nails done with your Mom?”


“She’s not my mom…”

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A Second Chance at Love

Backtrack to September 2013
This has been the beginning of a second chance. For the both of us.

Our first year together was one that I’ll never forget. And as hard as it was, it will always be one of my favorites.

We lived in separate homes, with separate lives, raising children who attended schools in different districts and we all had individual schedules. I was transitioning into a ‘new start’ in my life and he had already had a year and a half to mold his back into a fresh one. View Post